Winter Blues and Springtime Reflections

So much time has passed since the last time I opened this blog. Part of me forgot – I got wrapped up in the day to day lives, the comings, and goings of things; and the other part of me wasn’t sure if I had anything to say. With no exciting adventures to report on, I questioned whether it even made sense to continue writing. But life is a funny thing, and I’ve learned to find the magic in the smallest moments, and beauty in the unexpected. Unpredictability has never been a comfort of mine, and yet I am learning to “roll with the punches” so to speak.

So much has changed since the last time I posted, I’ve changed jobs, houses, brought new animals into my home and had many new experiences – life continues to be life whether I’m prepared or not. I think that’s the real trick in it all. You can make a million different plans for things, but at the end of the day, life is life. It always finds a way to continue.

I was blessed this winter to have my horses at home with me, in my own backyard. The days were cold, and the nights long – the wind howled some mornings as I trudged through the ice and snow to meet my girls, who had frozen whiskers and bright-eyes. How beautiful these mornings were, frost and all. How amazing the quiet of the mornings is, when the world is still asleep, and everything glittered from freshly fallen snow. Having my horses at home was a dream of mine since I was a young girl – the child inside my heart jumped for joy at the chance to experience these moments. How lucky I am to have a place to bring them, a place to enjoy these gentle moments and quiet air. There is something beautiful and serene about these amazing creatures that I cannot explain. It is something you must feel in your heart. I am beyond grateful to share my life with these gentle giants. My soul longs to spend all my time with them, but somehow life always gets in the way. The beauty of love is that regardless of time and space, it still continues.

As for changes, we opened our hearts and our homes to a little rebel chihuahua named Bella, that we affectionately call “Bug.” The sassy, adoring little one can be quite the troublemaker at times, but it is incredible to see how much her tiny heart can love another. Although she and Asia don’t necessarily enjoy sharing me, it is an overwhelming joy to see the trust in Bugs eyes. The overwhelming joy she experiences running in the back fields – “hopping” through the grass like a rabbit and lounging on the deck in the sun. It is amazing what a small amount of time and patience can do, considering how shy and scared she was when she first arrived.

Things change whether I like it or not, there are still days when I can’t seem to see the sun even when it’s right outside my own window. The wintertime tends to make things more difficult, for my already crowded mind. There is something about the cold and snow that seems to cover my world in darks and greys. But creatures I share my life with are a constant reminder that there is always something to smile about, and the sun, the sun will always rise.

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