We cannot make homes out of human beings, it is in our nature to try just the same. The connections you make with others opens your heart and creates the comfort you didn’t know you needed. Home, it is somewhere safe, familiar, calm… Shamlessly dependent on a combination of coffee and sarcasm, looking for the wonder. Home is where your heart finds it.

It may be messy, sporadic, and a little unorthodox – but that essentially mirrors my life at this moment anyways…

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I grew up down a dirt road, in a small town most people don’t know the name of. It’s the kind of town that grows on you, keeps a piece of your heart forever. Even during the harder years, wanting to be anywhere but here – you’d find yourself yearning for the familiarity of home. And then there I was – 22; a few animals to care for, purchasing my first house in the town I was so desperate to run from all those years ago.

At 24 – I chased a dream across the country, leaving behind everything I’ve known for the mountains, the horses, the sky… Things may not always be as they seem, but you cannot learn if you do not try.

25 – Home is the place your heart is. And in my heart, there are always hoofbeats. Love finds you in the most mysterious of ways.

We call this place home now.

26 – An accident is something that if you had to do over again, you wouldn’t. A surprise is something you didn’t know you wanted until you had it.

Momma to an angel baby Addison, and a beautiful rainbow baby Charlotte 🌈



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