Fresh snow & 3 weeks old

This morning I awoke to frost covered ground, and a chill in the air that whispered “snow”. And now here we are – slushy, white snow covering the trees as far as my eyes can see.


How different things feel as the seasons change. Lately time has become irrelevant to me – the last time I considered writing, I was 8months pregnant and anxiously awaiting the arrival of our daughter and now here we are, she’s three weeks old already.


Time passes in funny increments. 3 hours at a time, sometimes quickly, sometimes dreadfully slow. The “I can’t believe it’s 4am and we haven’t slept yet” moments are exhausting, but the amount of love I have for Addison outweighs it all. Even now, as I’m writing this, she is falling asleep in her rocking chair and I cannot imagine loving another human this much. Even though today I’ve been puked on twice, managed to do 4 loads of laundry and she’s gone through 3 outfits – it’s all so worth it.


It’s safe to say that being a mom is one of the most rewarding, amazing, tiring, and challenging things I have ever had the privilege of doing in my life. It’s true that these 4 walls we call a house took on a life of their own when we brought her home.


Now this new mom needs a nap. Here’s to future blogging, and constant gratitude. It’s a beautiful life 💕


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