Changing colours, changing seasons…

I found this post saved amongst others, written during a time I didn’t think I had too much to say. Although it’s based in November, I find the feelings still accurate now. The changing of seasons always seem to bring a change of mind for me. Be it mentally or emotionally, there is something about watching the world fall asleep in the fall, preparing for winter; and then watching it wake once more come spring.

Snippets of Autumn:

The air in the morning is crisp, and frost coats the ground as I walk to feed the horses. Fallen leaves crunch beneath my feet, crackling across the silence, and I take another sip of coffee. Echo snorts impatiently, the cold air making her seem like a small dragon, trying to breathe fire… I laugh to myself, thinking “Thank goodness she can’t breathe fire…” What a mess that could be. Her gentle eyes follow me as I get their morning grain and bring it to their stalls. She follows contently, only resting her head against me once her breakfast has been delivered. How long we’ve waited for these mornings…

There’s something about the change in seasons that sets me on edge. As the snow and frost glisten across the trees, I shiver – realizing, this is but the beginning.   This is Canada, and we specialize in winter.  Time to pull out the winter jackets, and start remembering where you left your mittens again. Asia is nestled in front of the fireplace downstairs, her blue eyes glimmering in the sunlight.  She stretches her front paws out before sauntering towards me, eyeing the dresser up. With an effortless jump, she sits on the top of the dresser, and bats at my hands – her reminder to me that she too, would like her breakfast. My mornings are shaped by the creatures wanting/needing to be fed. I, on the other hand, will head off to work on coffee#3 and will have completely forgotten the toast I put in the toaster… You win some, sometimes you lose some. I think that’s a fair summary of my adult life up to this point.

So much has changed in the past 6months. With its’ ups and downs, and sometimes curveballs, it is a wonder that I remember where I am somedays. But I think there is a certain kind of beauty in unpredictability. I’ll admit, I’m not always a fan of it, but there’s a bit of magic in chaos, in the undetermined plans, or unchartered waters.

Winter skies

“I guess to them, it’s a terrifying thought, a red riding hood who knew exactly what she was doing when she invited the wild in.” – Nikita Gill


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