Living in cages, with doors wide open…

Sometimes, things are not as they seem. What goes up, may not come down. What you wish for, and what you receive may be two entirely different things. You cannot learn unless you try, and that’s what this was. My mountains, my beautiful stars, this is not goodbye forever – it’s just for now.


The past month has been hectic, crazy, and beautiful. My parents came to visit, and despite the smoke they still got to see the beauty this province possess. How there is never an end to the mountain ridge, how the sun dances across the skyline as it sets – this place made a beautiful summer home. So many experiences, so much love.


As I pack my bags to ship home, and try to unravel the next step in my adventure, I remember not to be sad. You cannot cry because it is over, you must smile because it happened. What a beautiful place to spend a summer. What a beautiful way to learn I too, can step out of the open cage and fly provided I believe in the beauty of my own magic…my own strength.


Thank you to the friends, who showed me what true friendship is. That distance and time change doesn’t change a thing. There is truth in the expression “you find out who your friends are”. Thank you to Sarah, for every 2 hour phone call, constant snapchats, screw time change – it’s acceptable to talk at 3am – and for every time you reminded me who I am – thank you.  Thank you to my support in recovery, both here and at home – who kept me grounded, who helped me when I stumbled, and who believed in me when I couldn’t. Thank you to my parents, who let me take this chance, but always gave me a safe place to land should I need it.

We’re all just people, living in cages with the doors wide open. Take the chance, spread your wings, and know you can always go back to the place you call home. Home is where your heart is.IMG_1940.JPG

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